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. .. Je mehr ich tiber die Principien der Functionentheorie nachdenke - und ich thue dies unablassig -, urn so fester wird meine Uberzeugung, dass diese auf dem Fundamente algebraischer Wahrheiten aufgebaut werden muss (WEIERSTRASS, Glaubensbekenntnis 1875, Math. Werke II, p. 235). 1. Sheaf concept is a common instrument for dealing with questions which contain neighborhood options and international patching.

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Dieses seit über 30 Jahren bewährte Standardwerk ist gedacht als Begleittext zur Analysis-Vorlesung des ersten Semesters für Mathematiker, Physiker und Informatiker. Bei der Darstellung wurde besonderer Wert darauf gelegt, in systematischer Weise, aber ohne zu große Abstraktionen zu den wesentlichen Inhalten vorzudringen und sie mit vielen konkreten Beispielen zu illustrieren.

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From C\ to D I • Recall that the distances BIB2 = B2B3 = ... , B\B2 = glAB, • I B ,B2 ' From this it follows that BIB2 BIEI F\E2 ~ABI FIE2 1= - - = - - . - - = - - . 29). + dy2. 7. 1) for light and in an elegant manner saw how to transfer this principle to his own problem-perhaps this is why he was so pleased with the name "brachystochrone" since this notion of least time was basic to his approach. He certainly had at least an inkling of the importance that would attach to a careful pursuit of the analogy between optics and mechanics.

Newton says that the figure of revolution produced by rotating DNGB about the axis CB will experience less resistance in moving through a "rare and elastic medium" from B to A than will any other figure produced by rotating a curve with "the same longitude BC and latitude 2CD," provided that BS NTqq BG 4NS X ST cub In this figure N is an arbitrary point on the minimizing curve, NS is drawn through N parallel to CB, and NT is the tangent to the curve at N. 34 [In modern terms, this says that BS / BG = NT 4 /(4NS X ST 3 ).

CPA ~ D Solution Through the given point A draw the horizontal line APCZ and on it first describe any cycloid AQP cutting the line AB (produced if need be) 43 Andrade (1958), p. 100. PT, pp. 384-389. The paper appeared anonymously, presumably as Newton desired. 6. Leibniz's Solution of the Brachystochrone Problem 35 in the point Q and second another cycloid ABC whose base and altitude are, respectively, as AB is to AQ. This last cycloid passes through point B and is the curve along which a heavy particle will descend most quickly from the point A to the point B.

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