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By E.W. Collings

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In lower than 20 years the idea that of supercon­ In each box of technological know-how there are one or ductivity has been reworked from a laboratory contributors whose commitment, mixed with an innate interest to usable large-scale functions. within the realizing, allows them to be capable to grab, past due 1960's the idea that of filamentary stabilization condense, and clarify to the remainder of us what that published the usefulness of 0 resistance into the sphere is all approximately. For the sector of titanium alloy industry, and the commercial forces that force tech­ superconductivity, such somebody is Ted Collings. nology quickly occupied with niobium-titanium alloys. They His history as a metallurgist has probably given him are ductile and therefore fabricable into functional tremendous­ a unique virtue in knowing superconduc­ accomplishing wires that experience the serious currents and tivity in titanium alloys as the optimization of fields worthwhile for large-scale units. greater than superconducting parameters in those alloys has been ninety% of all present-day functions of superconductors virtually completely metallurgical. merits in use titanium alloys. The force to optimize those education and innate talents although, it really is alloys led to a flood of study that has been the author's commitment that's the crucial com­ accumulated, condensed, and analyzed during this volume.

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Matthey) . Change of ; nductance of coil surround; ng sample E1 ectri ca 1 res; stance Remarks. 2 K Measurement Technique from Foote Mineral Co. 98'1). W. A. J. Raub and GL- W. Buckel et al. (1962) [Buc62] Literature -.. en = :::a -t n c:: CI n = z: en c:: -a "' :::a ~ ~ == >= -< c:: >z: ::::j -t ::! ~ = -< "' = z >~ c:: Amorphous trans; ti on metal s including Ti Film deposited by Xe ion beam sputtering Gas purity: >5N; Target purity: >4N each S, N, Cu, Fe, V. 10- 5 o< Impurities (at. 10- 3 ; tat;on melted iodide Ti Adiabatic demagnetization Refri gerat; on Theoretical Ballistic method Measurement Technique Tc calculated using McMillan equations upon the assumption that the atomic volume change 11\2 between crystal 1 i ne and amorphous phases was s imil ar to that encountered upon melting.

0. 5, was plotted for eta eta, Tc' whose In one of the first papers to display \ Remarks, Discussion Tc measured magnetically vs composition Argon-arc mel ted and quenched. ~~ average electron/atom ratio (e/a) for bcc Ti-V and other alloys. TC studied magnetically as function of Properties and Procedures V were electron bombardment at about 10- 7 Torr. Argon-arc melted on wcch; annealed nea r the mp for several days under Sample Preparation 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 10, 15 at. % From publ ; shed curve: Range Concentration TABLE 1-4 TITANIUM-VANADIUM ALLOYS - THE SUPERCONDUCTING TRANSITION cc en CI ::z:I --I C") CI o :z c::: C") ::z:I ""'CI I'T'I o -< en c::: r- > r- ~ c::: > :z --I ~ o -< en r- ::!

5" e annealed, 67 kg mm- 2 • as-received, 76 kg mm- 2 ; Iodide process Ti (commonly referred to as "crystal (dH/dTlT=T Vickers hardness: Iodide process Ti obtained from the Foote Mineral Co. 6' 0 '\. 98~~ netization from field of a Bitter solenoid. ; vacuum annealed at 670°C for Samp 1e Deta i 1 5 TABLE 1-1 :I> :=! 88% 78 Obtained from the Foote Mineral Co; turned down to a Impurities: Mineral Co. 2 K, He 3 Schawlow~Devl in nique was used. 2 K the of a 10 De field. Starting material: zero sol ute concentration.

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