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SUBJ:PFV ‘why didn’t you get out! he said to her, if only you had gotten out’ b. SUBJ:PFV 2PO–sweetheart ‘you should have brought your girlfriend’ c. ßli…pu…lak¬ku…yú…¬ ti… wánliÔ iß–li…–pu…lak–¬ku…yú…–¬ ti… wán–liÔ PST–INST–interior–burn–PFV HREL say–PFV ‘the one who spoke would have burned his insides with it (a hot poker)’ d. ’ (lit. ’) 52 In (91a), a man is lamenting that his wife didn’t heed his advice to leave their home while he was away and was consequently eaten by a cannibal witch. In sentence (b), the speaker is expressing regret that the addressee’s fiancé didn’t come to a party, while in example (c) a storyteller is underlining the peril faced by one of the characters and offering motivation for that character’s agreeing to terms set out by the person carrying the hot poker.

Posture verbs also use the prefix ta- to form inchoatives, but the resulting forms remain stative in terms of their inflectional patterns, as shown in (71): (71) a. high bird LOC=house ‘the bird is up on the house’ b. high bird LOC=house ‘the bird alights on the house’ 43 c. PL bird LOC=house ‘the birds are up on the house’ d. ST bird LOC=house ‘the birds alight on the house’ e. high–PF bird LOC=house ‘the birds have alighted on the house’ As seen in these examples, both the basic imperfective form of the verb wakáÔ¬ ‘be high’ and its inchoative form tawakáÓ¬ ‘get up high’ make use of the stative plural marker -na…n.

5. Valency-altering affixes UNT has a wide variety of affixes whose syntactic function is to alter the basic valency of verbal stems.

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