Progressive Growers Association

Learn | Practice | Educate

A family of few apple growers and horticulture experts from various fields together makes Progressive Growers Association.


Started with few like minded personalities

Gradually achieving heights and setting a benchmark.
Started in 2013 with just 4 members

We now are a family of 130+ members and still growing. With all these human resources we dream of achieving heights. Learning about the new things and accurate things in horticulture, practicing them in our orchards and educating others about the these healthy practices remains the motto of this organisation.



Growing Family

If you are currently active in orchards and looking foreword to share your practices and learn from others as well. Join us

The PGA is a non government organisation, registered as a cooperative society and is governed and totally funded by growers under the supervision of an internally elected panel who approves the budget and look after the various operations of the organisation.

The PGA has a 9-member panel of executive members, all of whom are elected by the rest of the members of society considering the a member is representing different region of the apple belt.